Naborales Various morals, sayings and rhymes that I perpetrated across the years.
Morales, adages, rimettes et semblables atrocites que j'ai enonce a travers les annees
Mittagessen und Loba Une fable en trois actes Simmy's Parlor She lives! She crawls! She speaks! And she tries to be funny. It's Simmy, the charismatic SimSpiders 's mascot. The Maltese Goat An ongoing frivolity written by your truly and Anja Krebber. Bandes dessinées publiées Bandes dessinées dont l'histoire est de ma faute. Simulation Publications Articles and other such documents that I have authored or co-authored.
Sun of the Fathers A PBEM game based on the Fading Suns roleplaying game by Holistic Design. The Santa Cruz Chronicles A PBEM (play by e-mail if you prefer) game based on the World of Darkness of WhiteWolf. Prodigal Sun My contribution to a short stories contest based on the Fading Suns role-playing game. RRwR A round-robin writing exercise played on the Fading Suns Wordsmiths mailign list.
POVray Dreamcatcher generator A perl script that generates random dreamcatchers. Yseult Yanick's Separation Level Thingy (a variation on the old 'six levels of separation to Kevin Beacon' game) Yet Another Perl Hacker An exercise of style, obfuscation and general wickedness. For Perl lovers only. the Perl Golf Big Book of Useless but Strangely Amusing Statistics My contribution to the wonderful world of Perl Golf . Ymusk Yenzie's Mush Klient. Perl-based. Many features. Very cool. my XFN page Links to my friends' websites, as per the Xhtml Friends Network semantic. Yboo My bookmark repository. Yanick's Guide to Web Authoring Sound rather pompous, isn't? Anyway, I decided to try my knowledge (and some of my misconceptions) of the web to whoever brave enough to read me. SimSpiders A simulation primer on the web done by yours truly and Felisa Vázquez-Abad . Mail-o-meter Day-to-day progression of my inbox backlog.
Castes, Etres et Nigmes Vous voulez vous dégourdir les méninges? Parfait! J'ai de quoi les faire travailler un bon coup. The Panic Dance! The Barf Zone Wanna get sick, but don't feel like eating two dozen raw eggs? Lucky you, the barf zone and its sweet promise of nausea is just a click away.
Pour votre plus grand plaisir, voici la barf zone, une toute petite page dédiée au malaise visuel.