TPR Golf's Big Book of Useless But Strangely Amusing Statistics

The BoG (Book of Golfers)

you can update your golfer's infos

TPR(0,6), The Burrows-Wheeler Transform

TPR(0,5b), String to Number

TPR(0,5a), Infix to RPN


TPR(0,4b), Topological Sort






Thank to the fine folks at Voxeo, you can access the leaderboard at 1-800-303-9987 (pin: 852211).

WAP Services

The TPR(0,$i) tournaments are accessible through SMS. The first service to be offered is called 'Dial-a-rank'. To access one's personal rank for the course, use the following url:;golfer_id=golf_id where golf_idi is your id as per the PGAS database.

For example,;golfer_id=235 will show you:

Jerome Quelin
rank: 2
score: 90.29
leader: 88.38

(a more jazzy mock-up of the display is available here)

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